Best Events For Digital Nomads In 2017 - Los Mejores Eventos para Nómadas Digitales en 2017

Best Events For Digital Nomads In 2017

If you’re a digital nomad and looking to connect then your options are as wide as the universe. There’s something going on every month of the year, in every possible destination in the world. That’s why we’ve picked out some of our favorites or ones that we would go on (or maybe we are? 😉 ). Here are the digital nomad events that Flystein recommends in 2017.

If you are confused as to who is a digital nomad then it’s someone who doesn’t have a permanent office setting, but instead travels from one place to the other, using technology to stay connected and get work done. Here is a great article on how to become a digital nomad and what it takes to be one.

  1. Nomad Summit
    The first event that we recommend is Nomad Summit, and not only because it’s set in beautiful Thailand. Nomad Summit is like a TED Talks for digital nomads. The event brings together fellow travelers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and so on, to share their business models, travel hacks, productivity ideas and much more. It’s a real community get-together that will inspire and teach you a lot about the digital nomad way of life.
    Dates: February 4thdigital nomad events 2017
  2. The Digital Nomad Conference or the DNX
    This is the ultimate event for online working digital entrepreneurs from all over the world. 4 days full of workshops, keynotes, epic parties and new contacts – how can you say no? And what’s even better? The English-speaking event takes places in LisbonPortugal which you already know that we love.
    Dates: 9th-10th SeptemberDNX Lisbon - digital nomad events
  3. 7in7
    If you’re looking for a nomad community then this is it! 7in7 is just as it seems to be. It’s a series of conferences for long term digital nomads set out over seven years on seven continents (that means Antarctica as well!!). They have already finished their first year in Bangkok but it’s never too late to join the adventure. Conference number two will take place in October in beautiful Barcelona and is a must-go! You’ll be greeted with incredible speakers, meet-ups of every kind and even some volunteering opportunities. It’s like a family get together, you just maybe don’t know all of the family members yet.
    Dates: October7in7 - Digital nomad events 2017
  4. Refuga trip to Kilimanjaro
    A small group of like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world, 10 days, and the highest peak of Africa. Need we say more? This is not your usual refuge or co-working date, but a challenge, and if you’re up for it then you’ll come back with a new look on your path to world domination.
    Dates: March 4th – 15th Kilimanjaro digital nomad event
  5. Co-Retreats
    This is another one for the active entrepreneur. If you enjoy the outdoors as much as working on your special project then this just might be the perfect fit for you. All Co-Retreats events are meant to inspire and guide you when it comes to your career, but also give you opportunities to experience new things while on the road. For example – windsurfing in Greece, mountain biking in Scotland, kayaking in Washington State, and so much more.
    Dates: Vassiliki, Greece June 4th – July 2nd; Scotland TBA; Washington TBACo-Retreats digital nomad events 2017
  6. Wanderboss
    Achieve your life purpose while traveling the world. This is quite literally the mission at Wanderboss, a 6-month coworking program that will take you to three cities: Brisbane in Australia, Chiang Mai in Thailand, and Kyoto in Japan. Besides getting to travel the world and meet some of the coolest people out there, you’ll be able to enjoy the comforts of different workspaces, take part in networking events and join in on different activities to explore the destination you’re in. Travel like a boss!
    Dates: Brisbane, Australia March – April; Chiang Mai, Thailand May – June; Kyoto, Japan July – AugustWanderboss - digital nomad events 2017
  7. Coworking Unconference
    When you think of a conference then you probably think of a room full of people sitting down, staring at the stage, and…well, just being. That’s not how an unconference works. No corporate BS, no dull keynotes – this conference is here to slay. Over 350 participants from over 30 countries will flock to Chiang Mai in the beginning of 2017 because who doesn’t want to go to Thailand, conference or not?!
    Dates: February 8th – 12th, 2017; Penang, Malaysia February 7 – 11, 2018
    Coworking Unconference - digital nomad events 2017
  8. Nomad Cruise
    Nomad Cruise is the wild card in the mix. This co-working cruise is the ultimate digital nomad event to go on. It’s like you’re on a cruise vacation, waking up in a different place every morning, but actually, you’re not. The other good thing about this event is that you are literally stuck on a cruise ship so productivity will be at its peak. During the cruise, you’ll have different workshops, keynotes, meet-ups and much more going on. If you’re in for it then the next cruise should be from Colombia to Portugal in May 2017.
    Dates: May 5th – 25thNomad Cruise - digital nomad event 2017
  9. LiveWorkFit
    A happy body equals a happy mind, and vice versa. LiveWorkFit co-working retreats in Asia are aimed just towards that. Besides hitting hard on your big project, you’ll also make sure that your body gets the attention it deserves. This is one of the only (if not THE only one) digital nomad retreats where you’ll also get a gym membership with your package. And it’s not there to just look at. You will have to set fitness goals whilst there and just as your work project, are expected to hit them hard.
    Dates: Penang, Malaysia March 5th – April 2nd; Kuching, Borneo April 9th – May 7th; Bali, Indonesia May 28th – June 25thLiveWorkFit - digital nomad event 2017
  10. Sunny Office
    How do running a half-marathon and discussing world breaking ideas with fellow digital nomads go together? They do, in the form of Sunny Office. A week long co-working event on the beautiful Gran Canaria island in the Canary Islands. Just minutes from the beach, you’ll have daily mastermind sessions that get your inspiration running, and a beautiful villa to call your office. Of course, you’ll be surrounded by up to 15 other great minds to exchange ideas and learn from one another.
    Dates: January 15th – 24thSunny Office - Gran Canaria digital nomad event
  11. Yonderwork
    The world is your oyster – or your office. Yonderwork takes you to beautiful Buenos Aires, a city filled with amazing food and incredibly diverse cultures. Staying in the hip Palermo neighbourhood, you’ll be in the center of the action, surrounded by other like-minded digital entrepreneurs from all over the world. A busy work week just might be sealed with a wine tasting class at Yonderwork 😉
    Dates: February 4th – April 1stYonderwork - Buenos Aires digital nomad events
  12. Hacker Paradise
    Hacker Paradise is probably one of the most well-known remote working events/retreats/communities out there. They’ve been all over the world and 2017 will start off with a 3-month stint in South America! From Buenos Aires to Lima – you’ll get to travel with some of the coolest entrepreneurs out there, work on your projects and be inspired to the max! Also – all Hacker Paradise participants get 15% off their flight search with Flystein.
    Dates: Buenos Aires, Argentina January 8th – March 4th; Lima, Peru March 12th – May 6th; Palermo Italy June 4th – August 26thHacker Paradise - digital nomad events 2017
  13. NomadSurfing
    Business and pleasure combined. Doesn’t really sound like a matching pair? The founders of the 4-month Nomad Surfing co-working project will prove you otherwise! Taking you from Portugal to Morocco to Spain and then to Bali – you’ll spend time with some of the most hard-working and innovative digital nomads out there, and get to surf like there’s no tomorrow. Days spent working on your world domination project will go by as a breeze because, besides actual work, you’ll have surf lessons, community dinners and so much more already waiting for you.
    Dates: Lisbon in April; Morocco in May; Spain in June; Indonesia in JulyNomadSurfing - digital nomad events 2017
  14. Terminal 3
    Work. Travel. Play. This is literally what Terminal 3 is all about. Besides boasting an epic community, this co-working event will not only get closer to your goals but you’ll also have a chance to do some volunteering work while on the go from Asia to Europe. All Terminal 3 participants get a FREE flight search with Flystein.
    Dates: Thailand in March; Malaysia in April; Japan in May; Spain in June; Croatia in July; Czech Republic in AugustTerminal 3 - digital nomad events 2017
  15. WiFly Nomads
    If you are new to everything to do with the digital nomad lifestyle then this is the place for you. WiFly Nomads is a destination-based educational travel program, with the first program taking place in beautiful Bali. They’ll show you how you can pursue a more passionate and fulfilling career path by working remotely while traveling the world. The professional development portion features masterclasses that show you how to find remote work and navigate the digital nomad lifestyle, including expert guest speakers, whereas the personal development portion features meditation, yoga, daily inspiration and more.
    Dates: SeptemberWiFly Nomads - digital nomad events 2017
  16. Wander Troupe
    Ever wanted to spend a month working in Medellin, the ‘City of Eternal Spring’, or Belgrade in Serbia? These destinations and much more await you on the journey taken on by Wander Troupe. This is a community that gathers creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world, and collaborates with the destination’s movers and shakers. It won’t be all work, though. You’ll have weekly language courses, yoga classes and crafting sessions to really get into the spirit.
    Dates: Buenos Aires, Argentina in April; Medellin, Colombia in May; Barcelona, Spain in June; Rabat, Morocco in July; Berlin, Germany in August; Belgrade, Serbia in Septemberdigital nomad events 2017
  17. Unsettled
    “You need more than 9-5” – now this is something that we agree with. Feeling unsettled and always on the verge of adventure can work wonders for you and it does at Unsettled. A private room, comfortable workspace and the sun that rises every morning are the only routines in your life when on the 30-day coworking retreat with these guys. Their British Virgin Islands event got sold out pretty quick and it’s likely to be the case with the other events as well. So get on it!!
    Dates: Medellin, Colombia March – April; Bali, Indonesia April – May; Buenos Aires, Argentina in April; Barcelona, Spain TBA; Cape Town, South Africa TBAUnsettled - digital nomad events 2017
  18. Digital Outposts
    DigitalOutposts hosts groups of co-working professionals in shared workspaces around the world, allowing you to leave your office behind to discover new cultures, go on an adventure, and forge new friendships, all while getting your job done. Their Bali sessions run year round, usually starting every Sunday.
    Dates: Bali year round, other locations based on demand
    Bali Digital Nomad Workspace
  19. Embark
    Looking to meet people from different professions? Embark brings together a talented community from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds and takes them to a new city every month. If you’re a location independent professional or an entrepreneur, find your inspiration while collaborating with amazing people in dynamic cities. Embark kicks off 2017 in South America and heads to Europe just in time for summer.
    Dates: February – April (Medellin, Colombia; Lima, Peru; and Buenos Aires, Argentina).
    May – July (Zagreb, Croatia; Budapest, Hungary; and Prague, Czech RepublicEmbark: digital nomad events 2017
  20. Coworkation
    The fusion of working from breathtaking locations, connecting with driven & passionate people, whilst learning from expert facilitators come together to bring your work and life to the next level!
    DatesBali 22nd-29th May and 9th-15th OctoberDigital Nomad Events bali
  21. Pangea196
    Pangea196 takes people with location-independent jobs to 12 countries in 12 months – providing 24-hour access to WiFi, co-working spaces and quality accommodations. They also organize networking, cultural, and community events in each location.
    The cultural insights, professional contacts, personal connections, and lifelong memories that you make will be enhanced by the Pangean guides, as well as by local hosts dedicated to the group in each location.
    Dates: first stop is in Como, Italy in May, next is Prague May 30-June 30th.
    Digital Nomad Events - Como, Italy
  22. Freedom Summit
    The Freedom Summit is the first online virtual gathering for location independent entrepreneurs. It will be a weekend long event where inspiring change makers, trailblazers, and leaders teach new and emerging formulas on how to travel, work, and live a fulfilling life from anywhere in the world. You’ll learn from the best of the best and can be anywhere in the world, too!
    Dates: April 1 – 2
    Freedom Summit - online digital nomad event
  23. Nomad Train
    An epic trip on the Trans-Siberian for digital nomads! It’s an awesome experience from Moscow (Russia) to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) with stops in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Irkutsk. The main goal of the trip is to get to know fellow nomads and entrepreneurs, explore places where you wouldn’t normally go and…have fun! It’s all about community, local experiences and stunning nature!
    * Transsiberian is the train that connects Europe with Asia, celebrating it’s 100th anniversary this year.
    Dates: September 13 – 25
    Nomad Train - digital nomad event
  24. NomadCity
    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is becoming Europe´s hottest spot for Digital Nomads. Amazing climate all year round, one of the world’s best Urban Beach with many coworking spaces at a walking distance. NomadCity is a yearly 5-day event that brings the best experience of Gran Canaria to both new visitors and the existing digital nomad and the local community of like-minded entrepreneurs and remote workers. You can expect hikes, surf sessions, talks, meetups, and parties.
    Dates: first week of December
    NomadCity - digital nomad event in Gran Canaria
  25. Destination: Dev
    Destination: Dev is a software development training academy for aspiring digital nomads located in Medellín, Colombia. The program brings together 12 students to live together in a shared house for 8 weeks learning the fundamentals of web development with key technologies like Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Destination: Dev also organizes travel excursions and cultural immersion experiences for students in Medellín and the surrounding region of Antioquia.
    Dates: June 16 – August 11
    Destination: Dev - digital nomad event in Medellín, Colombia
  26. Remote Explorers
    Remote Explorers is India’s first digital nomad retreat in the Indian Himalayas which offers dedicated workspace, mastermind and skillshare sessions, networking events, exciting activities including daily yoga, paragliding in the Himalayas, trekking, mountain survival camp and so much more. What’s more? Participants will get a chance to listen to HH Dalai Lama’s teachings!
    Dates: September 15 – October 15
    Remote Explorers - digital nomad event in India
  27. 311Verona: Location Independent Worker MeetUp ??

    Throughout July 2017, in Verona, Italy, location independent workers during the meetup will have a desk at the coworking space, 311Verona, and receive a special discount on accomodation in Don Bosco. The meetup includes a private room with private bathroom, desk at the coworking space, local hosts and workshops.
    Dates: July, 2017
    311Coliving - digital nomad and location independent work event in Italy

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