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We welcome all Hacker Paradise participants to try our service and offer a 15% discount!


Flystein is an online platform where travellers receive consulting services about the best and cheapest flights from top experts.
Our team of the best flight hackers have spent years mastering skills and they know very well how to save on air travel.


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How It Works

1. Create a trip request

One of our genius experts gets in touch with you via one-to-one live chat and checks your preferences.

2. Expert builds your trip

The expert checks dozens of websites, applies the secret knowledge and creative saving strategies, and builds the best and cheapest itineraries possible.

3. Book flights

Choose the most suitable itinerary and book your flights with guidance and instructions from the expert. Have a great trip!

Discover More

Our experts give you great advice on how to maximize your miles, obtain lounge access, select seats and airlines, and get the best value for your money.

Pay the search fee only if you get real savings.

Our experts are “certified” travel hackers who spend most of their time keeping up to date with the airline and travel industry.


  • Domestic One-Way

  • $29Free if we can't beat your price!
    • e.g San Francisco → Boston
    • 1 – 2 adults*

Most Popular
  • Round-Trip or Multi-City

  • From $49Free if we can't beat your price!
    • e.g. Round-trip London ↔ Sydney
    • or
    • Multi-city:
    • Paris → Boston
    • New York → London
    • 1-2 adults*

  • Business/First Class

  • From $98Free if we can't beat your price!
    • e.g. Round-trip London ↔ New York
    • Option to use your airmiles to upgrade
    • 1 – 2 adults*

* Prices quoted are for standard trips as described in the examples above in each of our three modes.

If we can’t beat the price you’ve found upfront, we’ll refund your fee in full | Read more

Planning a complex trip? Have great flexibility on dates or places you want to visit? Our experts will build the best and cheapest itineraries possible!

Have you found some flights already? If our experts cannot find a better price for similar flights – you will get a full refund of the search fee and the comfort of knowing that you got the best solution!

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