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Our Fees

Always $0 if we can’t beat your price!

  • Domestic One-Way

  • $29Free if we can't beat your price!
    • e.g San Francisco → Boston
    • 1 – 2 adults*

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  • Round-Trip or Multi-City

  • From $49Free if we can't beat your price!
    • e.g. Round-trip London ↔ Sydney
    • or
    • Multi-city:
    • Paris → Boston
    • New York → London
    • 1-2 adults*

  • Business/First Class

  • From $98Free if we can't beat your price!
    • e.g. Round-trip London ↔ New York
    • Option to use your airmiles to upgrade
    • 1 – 2 adults*

* Fees quoted are for standard trip requests as described in the examples above in each of our three modes.

If we can’t beat the price you’ve found up front by greater than our fee, we’ll refund the fee in full | Read more

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