• Domestic One-Way

  • $29Free if we can't beat your price!
    • e.g San Francisco → Boston
    • 1 – 2 adults*

Most Popular
  • Round-Trip or Multi-City

  • From $49Free if we can't beat your price!
      • e.g. Round-trip London ↔ Sydney
      • or
      • Multi-city:
      • Paris → Boston
    • New York → London
    • 1-2 adults*

  • Business/First Class

  • From $98Free if we can't beat your price!
    • e.g. Round-trip London ↔ New York
    • Option to use your airmiles to upgrade
    • 1 – 2 adults*

If we can’t beat the price you’ve already found, we’ll refund your fee in full
We’re confident that our Flight Experts will be able to fulfill your requirements. However, if for any reason they are unable to find you the right itinerary or beat your price, your fee will be refunded. For Beat My Price requests, we do not charge your credit card up front. We simply authorize the search fee amount just like most major hotels or car rental companies do. We remove the authorization if we cannot find you a significantly lower price or the savings we find you are less than the amount you paid for your search fee. Please note that you must submit details of the price you have already found before our experts get to work. |  Read Terms and Conditions.

*Our pricing model
Prices quoted are for standard trips as described in the examples above in each of our three models. The fee covers the flight search for 1-2 passengers. An additional $25 for each additional passenger after the second is charged. If you are planning a multi-city trip, the fee will increase by $15 for each additional leg of the trip after the first two legs. The more legs or passengers you add to your trip, your fee will increase. You will be given an overview of your total fee before you are taken to the payment page. | See our FAQ.