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What is AwardWallet?

AwardWallet is the best loyalty program trackers out there. It keeps an eye on all of your programs, lets you know of all the changes and also notifies you if any of the points are about to expire.

Though not all of the services are available in the free version of the app. But don’t worry – you can get a AwardWallet Plus membership for six months free with Flystein’s special coupon code.

Note that this only applies to accounts that have not had a Plus account before.

Why use AwardWallet?

If you’re a savvy traveler then you probably have more than two loyalty cards in your pocket. We like to call ourselves collectors of sorts.

Having them is alright but keeping track of all the account balances and points expiration dates can be a pain in the backside and that’s where AwardWallet comes in.

You can add all of your loyalty programs to the app and it will display the current status in no time. 

Besides keeping your points in order, it will do the same with your travel plans. It notifies you of any changes you might have in your flight itineraries and displays them in a neat format.

Why you should get AwardWallet Plus?

With the pro version of the application you’ll be able to keep track on all expiring loyalty point whereas the free version lets you track only three programs.

You’ll also be able to see the historical balance changes to your loyalty programs.

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