Flystein’s Blog: Ready for Take Off

Enter Flystein.

The first thing you need to know about Flystein is that it is not a search engine: we are a 21st century travel agent. The second thing you need to know is that, for a small fee, our Flight Experts find you the lowest possible flight prices and the best itineraries. We take all your personal preferences and your preferred airlines and loyalty schemes into consideration. The result is insanely low airfares and a highly personalized itinerary. Flystein’s Founders are perpetual world-wanderers and have, over the years, learned how to save a ton of money on flights. When they realized that helping fellow travellers to get great deals was becoming a full time job, they decided to step up a gear, pull together a team of Flight Experts and start saving people money 24 hours a day. In 2015, Flystein – and it’s Genius-Powered flight search – was born.

Flight Experts?

That’s right. Our Flight Experts are our secret weapon. They live and breathe travel. They’ve spent years learning about ticketing, airline pricing schemes, airfares, discounting, air mile programs and flight routing and have coupled this with their awesome coding ability. This enables them to find flight combinations and itineraries that you might never have thought of. Their main goal is getting you to where you want to go for less. They are also pretty handy at making your air miles work for you too. And, when they’re not on Flystein duty, they are usually jetting around the world, fully reclined in a business class seat that they – literally – paid pennies for.

Fully reclined you say? Tell me more.



Photo courtesy of Austrian Airlines


Yes. Who doesn’t want to spend their flight sprawled out on a flat-bed and get a few free glasses of champagne to calm the old nerves before take-off? If that’s within your budget, our Flight Experts will help you travel in style and make sure you’ve paid less for your seat than the person next to you. Of course, some of us are still happy back there in coach with our plastic cup of water and bag of peanuts. Whatever your budget, we can find a way to get you on your way for less.

So how does it work?

There are two ways to use Flystein – Build My Trip or Beat My Price.

‘Build My Trip’

You simply enter your preferences in the search form, pay the search fee (starting at US$49 for a standard trip for 1-2 passengers) and launch your trip request. You tell us all about your trip, your airmiles, luggage and airline preferences. One of our Travel Experts will get back to you within a few hours with one or more itineraries and instructions on how and where to book it.

Wait a minute. You don’t book the flight for me?

Nope. But your Flight Expert will be on hand via email, chat or Skype to help you through the process.

What happens if you can’t find me a suitable itinerary for a fantastic price?

Our Flight Experts do not like anyone parting with unnecessary cash for air travel so you can relax in the knowledge that they will find the cheapest flights available. However, in the unlikely event they cannot find you a suitable itinerary for a fantastic price, you will get a full refund on the search fee you paid.

‘Beat My Price’

You can use this option if you’ve already found some flights yourself but they are still over budget. You can challenge our Flight Experts to see if they can get you an even cheaper deal. All you need to do is show us the (realistic) quote you already have from any travel agent or flight search engine, we authorize your credit card and your assigned Flight Expert gets to work. It’s good to know that for Beat My Price requests, we do not charge your credit card up front: we simply authorize the search fee amount just like most major hotels or car rental companies do. We’ll remove the authorization if we cannot find you a significantly lower price or the savings we find you are less than the amount you paid for your search fee.

Sounds great. How do I get started?

Here’s a handy link. Off you go.